Fall Style: Gray & Burgundy

September 29, 2016

Hey loves! Welcome back, I know I have been pretty MIA, but I have been so busy with classes this semester and life in general. I seriously need to get on my blogging game I miss it so much! How have you all been? I can’t even believe we are finally transitioning into fall. Lately it has been getting much cooler and the leaves are changing colors. I kinda love it because I can wear fall clothes now! I’m just not looking forward to the cold weather :(

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Fall Style: Stripes & Neutrals

September 15, 2016

Hey dolls!
I am finally back with a new post! I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of things especially since the fall semester has started. It’s a lot of work, but I am loving it, the people and the environment makes it all very enjoyable. The people I have met are all so sweet and literally everyone is! I’m also trying to fit the gym and my workouts in daily, its a struggle sometimes, but it takes sacrifice and although I don’t go everyday, Ive been going about 4 times a week. Sometimes I don’t know how I fit school, work, gym, and blogging! Always staying busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s get on to my outfit! I wanted to bring you all an everyday fall look in honor of fall being so close! I especially love stripe tops in the fall, it’s a classic and looks chic with jeans or a skirt. They’re so easy to style in the fall, just throw on a scarf, leather jacket, or a jean jacket. I wanted to keep my outfit simple by having my hat, bag, and boots all be a neutral color and having the stripe top the only pattern. These boots are my favorite and I will be wearing them this fall almost everyday and they’re also so comfy! When looking for boots I try to find colors that will go with most of my outfits in my closet and tan is the perfect color or you can go with black or burgundy (favorite fall color!). Hats and fedora’s are always on trend in the fall and a fall staple in my book! I have linked similar ones at the end of the post :)

img_3593 img_3599 img_3626 img_3636img_3700 img_3710 img_3717 img_3735



Casual Weekend Dress

September 2, 2016

Good Morning beauties! I cannot believe I am back in school and that my summer vacation ended a week ago :( Every year keeps going by SO fast as I get older and I keep telling myself that it is only going to go faster. It does get very difficult sometimes to get so caught up in the mist of everything, but I truly believe it is important to live in the moment while making your dreams a reality :) Although I am back in school I will continue to create more content for you all because blogging to me is so much fun and a passion of mine to share with you all. My goal is to post twice a week and I know I can make that happen! I just hope you all are enjoying all the content I am putting out. I am open to your suggestions :)

Okay, on to my outfit! I love easy breezy dresses on days when the weather is over 90 degrees! This dress is perfect because it is so light weight and I love the nautical stripes for the summer. It is also a great staple piece because it can also be worn in the fall with a jean jacket over and fall booties! Definitely going to be wearing that look soon when the weather starts getting a bit chilly. I decided todo flats because really when I am out and about I want to be comfy, so I decided to throw on these flats that I have been loving! They go with everything and they’re also seasonless where I can also wear for the fall season. I love to buy pieces where I know I can wear all year round!

IMG_2530 IMG_2565 IMG_2581 IMG_2631 IMG_2653

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Dress: H&M | Bag: Forever 21 | Shoes: H&M | Sunglasses: Nordstrom



Thank you loves for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend :)


Curly Hair Talk: Current Hair Routine

August 31, 2016

Hello all my fashionistas, beauty babes, or curly hair babes! I want to give a little update on my curly hair routine. As a woman with curly hair who loves all things hair and beauty I love to experiment and try new products to see what works for my hair type. You’re probably like, your hair is curly thats your hair type! But no, curly hair is more than just curly hair and not every product works for every curly hair type.

There are wavy curls, loose curly to kinky coily curls. I used this chart to help find my curly hair type. I’m between a 3A and 3B and I basically I have a mixture of spirals and ringlet like curls. I have realized that what might work for someone else might not work for me and it’s because we all have different curl patterns and textures. Someone who has loose wavy curls might not need to use a product with so much hold like a gel. And someone with very kinky coily curly might need more than just a cream to hold the curls.

If you have my type of hair either a 3A or 3B (spirals and ringlets) you might like the products that I use!


I picked up the Shea Moisture 10-IN-1 Renewal system shampoo and conditioner to try out. Before I was using the Deva Curl products, but those can get really expensive. I absolutely love their products, but being a college student I have to be smart with my money sometimes. Shea Moisture is half the price and also really good for curly hair.

The Shampoo I love because it leaves my hair soft and moisturized after rinsing it all off. Most shampoos will leave your hair feeling stripped almost as if your hair is going to fall out, but this line really moisturizes my hair and love that it is non-stripping.

The conditioner as well leaves my hair soft and nourishing. I love that it is not too heavy, therefore doe not weigh my hair down. It also smells so delicious like flowers or fruits I definitely recommend if you have wavy to curly hair.


The Curl & Style Milk and Curling Gel Soufflé by Shea Moisture is what I usually use straight out of the shower to style my hair. The Curl & Style Milk give my hair moisture and the Curling Gel Soufflé give my girls more definition and hold. My hair is dry and frizzy without these products, so both really help my curls look healthy and defined! IMG_0726

The last step I do is use the Argan Oil by Hask. Hask has many different oils and I specifically got the Argan Oil because it helps to restore shine and prevents frizz. It is also known as the ‘Miracle Oil’. It really leaves my hair so soft and shiny I don’t think I will ever stop using this product. It will always be part of my curly hair routine! :)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Shop my favorite curly hair products here:

Let me know your favorite curly hair products below! :)

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Summer Style: Yellow Mustard Shorts

August 24, 2016

Hey loves!
Now that summer is almost over I want to enjoy these last couple of weeks wearing bright summer outfits! I actually forgot I had these shorts and ever since I have been wearing them almost every weekend. They’re the perfect pair of shorts for the summer. I love how they are high-waisted with buttons making them easily transitional to wear dressed up or casual.

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