Travel Diary: Miami Swim Week + How to Attend

Travel Diary: Miami Swim Week + How to Attend

Happy Thursday everyone!

I wanted to share with you all my experience attending Miami Swim Week. Since it was my first time, I was SO lost with ALL of the shows going on. I mean, there are SO many and didn’t know how I would even fit going to all! To be honest, I didn’t go to many shows because I also wanted to lounge on the beach and spend time with everyone who I came to Miami with including my boyfriend. I wanted a balance of Miami Swim Week and some fun times with friends and my boyfriend.

D A Y 1

The first evening I arrived in Miami I headed straight to our apartment, showered, and got ready to attend the Sports Illustrated Opening party at the W South Beach Hotel. I was so happy to be spending time in Miami and attending Miami Swim Week with one of my favorite blogger babes Leyla from Beyond Her Curls. Aside from our friendship, we always do blog related things together and its always such a blast. The Sports Illustrated event opened up Miami Swim Week with music, drinks, so many beautiful people, and the best of all, bikinis! The show was amazing and the biggest reason being that the models were actually all different shapes and sizes! It was so heart warming to me to see everyday bodies strutting on the runway. I posted a video here on my instagram of the runway show! To end the event off, artist Wale performed!

We stopped by the 1 Hotel South Beach and took some photos in their lounge area! It’s so beautiful in there! We decided to head back to the apartment and skip the other events because we wanted to get some partying in! Linked very similar heels I’m wearing here! Everything else is linked below!

D A Y 2

On day 2 we attended the Art Hearts Fashion @ the SLS Hotel event and this one was so much fun! From photo booths with props such as beach balls, flamingos, and even male models! There was also some sponsor’s like Evian and La Croix handing out their sparkling waters to sip on. There was a swimsuit brand pop-up with other brands showcasing and selling their jewelry and swimwear. At this event there was about 5 brands/designers showing their collection on the runway. It was so amazing to be a part of it all!

I also had the pleasure to finally meet a blogger friend Victoria, @sartorialdreams who I only knew from Instagram! Don’t you just love IG? You meet so many new people and when you meet them in person it’s as if you already know each other!

After the show we stopped by for some tacos at one of my favorite taco places in Miami, Bodega. The Al Pastor tacos will always be my favorite from there! After that we headed back to the apartment to get ready for yet another night of dancing! Tucandela in Brickell is a great spot to go to with a group. Just make sure to add yourselves on the guest list and get there before 12 to avoid the $30 entrance fee!

D A Y 3

This day we headed straight to the beach to catch some sun and waves! The water was warm and the sun even hotter! A perfect day for the beach.

After the beach, we walked down to this taco spot called Taquiza. The tacos are small, but they’re actually really good with all the toppings they have. I would go again! After that we headed to the apartment to relax for a bit and got ready for Wynwood! Probably my favorite place in Miami that is full of art, restaurants, bars, and full of character.

While in Wynwood, we headed to the Wynwood walls where it’s full of paintings/art on the walls of different artists that are so stunning and unique. After that we headed to this tiki bar that’s called La La Land. Walking inside, it is full of beautiful plants with reggae and salsa music playing. They’re well known for their mojitos and their use of fresh sugar cane juice. They also have the option of flavors such as raspberries, tamarind, passionfruit and more. Each mojito has a sugar cane stick as well! The bar tender is very lively and even dances to the music while making your drink! I highly recommend going.

After La La Land, we stopped by the Wynwood market where they sell food, art, jewelry all while loud Spanish music playing! This is why I love Miami, Spanish music is playing everywhere! After that we got ready to dance the night away at a popular place in Wynwood called El Patio. Another spot I highly recommend for a night of partying!

D A Y 4

My last day in Miami 🙁 We did’t have much time, but we sure made time for brunch at this healthy spot called DIRT. Think Acai bowls, smoothies, avocado toasts and much more! This is a spot I would visit again!

H O W  T O  A T T E N D : M I A M I  S W I M  S W I M

I’m sure there are a lot of people, influencers, and bloggers who want to know how to attend these shows. Honestly, when I want to go somewhere or do something, I go ahead and I reach out myself. YUP, I went ahead and reached out to ALL the brands/designers attending Miami Swim Week and emailed them that I wanted to attend. I actually did this last year and got SO MANY invitations, but I wasn’t able to go to Miami then. This year I made it a goal to attend and I did.

 Here are some tips and tricks on how to attend if you’re an influencer/blogger/photographer/press etc.:

1. Sign up to ALL the Miami Swim Week websites: I basically just googled ‘Miami Swim Week’ and the main websites for all the shows popped up. The main shows are Funkshion, Hammock, Swim Show, and Cabana. Websites like this one had about every show where you can request to attend. To sign up to attend the Swim Show you can go here: Swim Show. To attend Hammock you can sign up here. Funkshion shows here. You can also sign up to GPS Radar which also has an App and shows you your schedule for all the events you got invited to.

2. Email brands and designers attending: Last year I actually reached out to brands and designers that were attending the shows by email on my own. This seemed to work because I got so many invitations! Don’t be afraid to email brands.

3. Tell the brand how attending can benefit them: If you’re an influencer, blogger, photographer, PR, etc, brands will want you to attend, especially if you have a huge following. Tell the brand when emailing them what you can do, such as sharing and taking photos of the show on your social media your blog/website. Brands can’t say no to free exposure and if they do, then on the the next!

4. Have a schedule for everyday of Miami Swim Week: Before attending, schedule out the shows you really want to attend because you probably won’t be able to attend them all. There are so many shows and they tend to start late! Get organized before!

I hope my tips and tricks can help some of you influencers/bloggers/photographers and more for next years swim week! P.S. these tips might also work for the upcoming Art Basel too! Nonetheless, Swim Week was an amazing time and I can hardly wait for next year!

Xoxo, J <3



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