My Office Space: Blush & White

My Office Space: Blush & White

Hi everyone! Today I am finally sharing with you all my little office space area! I have always dreamed of my own space where I can be alone, get inspired, create, and do my work. I used to scroll through Pinterest and pin office space inspiration of how I wanted my own office to look like. I am so glad to say I now have my own space that I LOVE! I can spend hours and sometimes all day here doing my work. I spend a lot of my time studying, creating content for my blog, and brands that I wanted a space that could be inspiring, clean, bright, and feminine. I hope you all love it as much as I do or that it inspires you to create your own space that you love 🙂

I love white and blush and I knew those would be the colors of my desk area. Since my walls are already a blush/mauve color, I decided to get my desk and chair white to compliment the blush and make it look more neutral and clean.

This desk is so simple yet structured and beautiful to me! I wanted it to be white and simple and this was perfect! I had no idea that Target had this desk and it is a bit cheaper than what I paid for! You can check out the desk here!

I wanted to add inspirational and feminine pieces to my space and this quote and tray were perfect additions! The print is actually from Homegoods that bring about 8 different prints with quotes. I have yet to get frames to put them on my wall, so for now I have it standing on my desk against the wall. I also always need to have water by my desk, so I always have my water bottle on my desk while I work. This one is by BKR and the only water bottle I have not lost! It’s so good!

I fell in LOVE with this little gold and white zebra print jewelry tray! It is the perfect tray to hold the jewelry pieces that I wear everyday. When I get home I usually take off my watch and place it on this tray! You can find the almost identical zebra tray here!

To me it’s all about creating a space with pieces and details that will create the vibe you want. I love this frame I got from Homegoods that says, “Anything is possible with a little lipstick and champagne.” It’s a super cute inspiring quote with a playful touch in it! I also added candles because I love candles and love burning them while i’m doing work. It makes the space much more relaxing.

I have this file holder where I have created folders for all my taxes and important papers and documents to stay organized. I got this file holder from ikea! I added my #GIRLBOSS book just cause I think it looks like a nice piece to decorate. Next to the book, I have all the perfumes that I own. As you can see my Coach perfume is the most used because it’s more of an everyday scent for me. The Mademoiselle Chanel scent I wear out on more special occasions. The Marc Jacobs perfume I don’t really grab for and I don’t know why to be honest, but I should probably wear it more often because it is more of an everyday scent as well!

At the top of these wall dividers, which I also got from Ikea, I have this gorgeous feminine frame from Homegoods! Home goods is probably my favorite place to find home decor as you can tell! I also added a pineapple because i’m obsessed with pineapples and they look so cute! I actually had bought an all gold pineapple, but it fell and broke so I bought a new one and ended up with this white and gold one since I couldn’t find the all gold one anymore. This one is still cute too 🙂

I actually cannot find this exact frame, but you can find some similar ones here! You can find the pineapple here, here, and here!

This desk has 2 drawers on the left and right side where I keep my phone cases, notepads, sticky notes, whiteouts, and more! This middle section is where a keyboard is supposed to go if I had a desktop computer, but instead I keep a notepad, paperclips, and usually my planner to keep things decluttered on my desk.

As for my chair, I actually wanted this desk chair because of the gold accents, but instead I opted for this one since it was much more affordable even though it has silver accents. You can always spray paint the silver with gold! I also added this white furry rug that you can find similar here and here!





Thank you all for stopping by!


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